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1. Who can attend these sessions?

These classes are open to all women above 18 years. In case you suffer from any ailments or are currently taking any medications it is always good to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

2. How are these exercises therapeutic in nature?

Dance in any form is therapeutic. Dance exercise reinforces inner beauty, fosters joy and self esteem and makes us realize how strong we are, unleashes our potential by freeing us from illusions.

3. What is the wardrobe required for these exercises? Do I have to wear High heel shoes?

Well fitted fitness clothes and exercise shoes are the required attire. High heels are optional; also various props are used depending on the dance style you choose.

Exotic Dance Instructor Certification

Become an exotic dance teacher. Learn and get certified. Contact us for course days and schedules.

Only two instructors are certified in the same area.


At Perfect corporate Fitness Venture, we take utmost responsibility to ensure your safety and health. In keeping with global standards for health and safety, we request you to read the following note carefully and fill in the form with required details.

Pole dancing is a strenuous workout and fitness regime. We at PCF are committed to bringing you a safe and healthy workout. However pole dancing is not suitable for those who have or are suffering from any physical ailment such as back, neck, muscular injuries or other related medical problems. Pole dancing is also not suitable for pregnant women and those under age 18. In case you suffer from any medical condition, please consult your physician before signing up. It is not mandatory to have prior experience in dancing; both experienced and first time dancers are welcome. There is no upper age limit; we enrol all participants above 18 years.

Payment of fees must be made in advance for all classes. We do not have a refund policy. Managements reserves the right to admission. The management also reserves the right to cancel an admission if it so desires. Please note that missing a scheduled class is not recommended and will not be allowed. It is not possible for the management to accommodate changes or substitute class timings or days. The management reserves the right to cancel or change a class in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

I __________________________________ Age__________________ have read the above terms and conditions as well as the safety and health requirements given herein. I understand that the pole dancing workout is a fitness regime. I undertake that I will not consume alcohol, heavy food before coming to classes and will not apply any lotions or creams before class. I do not have any related medical injures and I have consulted my physician before joining the classes. I am aware that any sport or fitness regime can result in bruising or injuries. I understand that all efforts will be made by instructors at PCF to ensure my safety during the classes, however pole dancing does involve physical movement and like any other sport, there is always a possibility of getting hurt. I understand that if injuries do occur, it is my responsibility and not the responsibility of PCF or instructors and I will not hold either party responsible. I understand that there are some movements such as inversions, advance swings and dismount techniques that require specific skills and instructor's supervision. I accept that I will not undertake any such moves without guidance and supervision from my instructor. I have read and understood all the terms and conditions and agree to listen to and abide by the instructions issued by my instructor at all times.

My personal details:

Your Name: __________________________________

Your contact address and phone: __________________________________________________________________

Are you generally in good health? : Yes or No

Pole Dancing is unsuitable if you are pregnant. Are you pregnant? Yes or No

Do you have any medical condition that we should know about? Yes or No
(eg: neck, back, or joint problems, heart condition, stroke, epilepsy).
If yes please expand below.


Has your doctor advised that you should not undertake a vigourous exercise regime? Yes or No
If yes please expand below.

Do you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells? Yes or No

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