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1. Who can attend these sessions?

These classes are open to all women above 18 years. In case you suffer from any ailments or are currently taking any medications it is always good to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

2. How are these exercises therapeutic in nature?

Dance in any form is therapeutic. Dance exercise reinforces inner beauty, fosters joy and self esteem and makes us realize how strong we are, unleashes our potential by freeing us from illusions.

3. What is the wardrobe required for these exercises? Do I have to wear High heel shoes?

Well fitted fitness clothes and exercise shoes are the required attire. High heels are optional; also various props are used depending on the dance style you choose.

Exotic Dance Instructor Certification

Become an exotic dance teacher. Learn and get certified. Contact us for course days and schedules.

Only two instructors are certified in the same area.

Come alive and discover the Diva in you!

Dance your way to fitness

Transform yourself with the Exotic Dance workout, a unique fitness routine that puts the spark back into your exercise regime, builds your confidence and boosts your spirits.

Go ahead, stay fit, have sheer fun and enjoy the experience of loving the skin you are in.Join now! You owe yourself these health enhancing fun moments.


  • Exotic Dance Burlesque Workout
  • Pole Fitness
  • Aerobic Striptease
  • Model walk lessons
* Only for Ladies

About me


Shilpa Rane

As a fitness professional with over 18 years of teaching experience, I am constantly innovating and designing a variety of safe and effective workouts that enhance student’s fitness levels.

I enjoy strength training in the gym, though what bores me about it are the cardio machines, where you keep walking or pedalling for hours and reach nowhere, which is why, as an aerobics instructor I like to keep the workouts fun and fresh; by adding a dash of fun to everyday cardio activities.

I am always looking at ways to upgrade my instructional expertise and like to keep a tab on what’s new in the fitness industry. That’s when I discovered Pole dancing. As a dancer, I loved pole dancing and exotic dancing. I felt special and beautiful when I attended several workshops by professional dancers. I also did extensive research on show-girl and burlesque dancing, visited clubs and attended their shows.

I came away inspired and felt the need to share the special and beautiful feeling that I experienced during these workshops with my students.

Armed with my fitness qualification, I have designed a special ‘the show girl’ fitness class for the average woman. This is a wonderful uplifting workout inspired from pole dancing and show girl moves that helps us lose inhibitions, open up and have fun while working out.

Research has shown that safe and effective variations in fitness workouts is the key ingredient needed to ensure regular exercise adherence.

This unique workout is not only safe and effective but you will enjoy and be thrilled by the dance elements; it will also give you the opportunity to celebrate the feminine within and cherish your body just the way it is.

The class is designed as an all girls fun fitness routine and throws in girly pep talks that allow you to be “you”, share stories and enjoy dancing together.



Exotic Dance Workout/Burlesque Dance Workout

Exotic Dance Workout/Burlesque Dance Workout is a fun workout for women. It is inspired from show girl dances like Lap dance, strip tease etc; it's also popularly known as the "Goddess workout" finding and acknowledging the goddess within you.

It's a workout for every 'woman' of any age! It's all about feeling good about yourself irrespective of whether you're a size zero or a size 20; it's like having a ball at a rigorous workout, all about working hard and partying hard.

Urban women are all about that and more. They work long hours; look after homes and family, in the bargain totally neglect their own selves. So rather than starving for compliments and appreciation from loved ones, and hoping someone will acknowledge all the effort you put in, this workout will help you take charge of how you feel about yourself. You no longer will have to wait for the odd compliment to be thrown at you, this workout empowers you, gives you confidence, makes you feel good and just great being "you".

The workout tones the body, improves your posture, works on your core, lower body and 'makes you feel taller where it matters'.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is one of the latest international fitness trends, popular among women. It's a workout done with a static pole. It's a well-designed exercise program which guides you step by step through the most amazing techniques that boosts your energy levels. With emphasis on strength, endurance, posture and technique this complete workout is exhilarating and keeps you coming back for more. After a specific intensive warm up you learn choreographed pole moves, spins, and lifts. A cool down follows to relax the tense muscles and enhances your flexibility.

Aerobic Striptease

The Aerobic Striptease is a low impact class also popularly known as cardio strip tease or strip aerobics which combines the sensual moves of strip tease with aerobics. It's a fun way of working out especially for people who despise the regular gym cardio machines or the ones having experienced a burn-out following routine exercises.

No actual stripping takes place. Class participants wear layers over their regular fitness clothes and those extra layers come off in the duration of the class. It's an all-out fun workout in a secure environment as the instructor is female and it's an all women's class.

Model Walk Lessons

Learn to strut like the supermodels. These class lessons will teach you correct posture and body language needed to shine on the ramp. Learn to walk with high heels and platforms, bring out your uniqueness and look chic and elegant.

Group Class

Make a group of three or more, it is riot, learning in this class with your girl friends, one more reason for a girls' night out! Celebrate with your friends.

Private classes

If you are publicly shy or need personal attention, then you opt for this session. Learn the burlesque moves away from the public eye.

Gift a class

It's a perfect gift on birthdays, wedding anniversary and weddings. Gift the women in your life a session or two of exotic dance.

Corporate Classes for the Ladies

This one is for all the ladies in your office. Once a month fun ladies session, builds up team camaraderie and confidence. A fun way to unwind after a long day at work.


Gift a workout

Gift certificates for the bride.

An ideal and innovative wedding and birthday gift.

Contact us for details.

Gifts available in one session or a package of 3 sessions.


Hen Party

Exotic Session for your hen group

Spice up your hen party; organize this one hour fun show-girl session at your hen-night. And make it a memorable event.

Contact us to know more.


Press Clippings

Source: Femina

"…Pole dancing classes, complete with sensual moves to funky music, are strictly for women. Most classes will teach you the basic moves and even how to climb the pole, which is not as easy as it sounds. Obviously, the classes are not meant to teach you how to do it professionally! They are targeted at women of all ages and sizes, and can help you get in shape, increase flexibility, improve posture and confidence, and tone up and burn calories…"

'Get Healthy with Pole Dancing'- By Eva Pavithran posted Oct 7th 2011

Source: The Asian Age

"…Pole dancing for fitness is gaining popularity among women and they are now incorporating it into their fitness regimen. Mumbai-based fitness trainer Shilpa Rane, who conducts 'exotic' dancing workshops explains, "Burlesque dance workouts are a combination of pole dance, lap dance and strip-tease, where we accentuate the groovy moves as a form of exercise…""

'Pole posturing'-Oct 25, 2010 - Vipasha Sinha (The Asian Age)

Source: HT Media

'"..The thought of hoisting yourself atop a pole, à la certain ladies of the street, may shock your parents, but exotic pole dance instructor Shilpa Rane insists it's not scandalous. Tutoring dancers between 18 to 53, she says the exercise boosts confidence, apart from body strength. "You begin to feel sexy, and comfortable with your body," she says…'

'The Fun way to lose weight'- September 14, 2011

Source: Times Of India

"…Housewives, professionals, daughters-in-law and students are signing up for fitness classes based on pole dancing, lap dancing and strip tease at one of South Mumbai's poshest gyms.

The idea is to shed inhibitions and love one's body the way it is. Liberated by the fact that there's no one to raise a critical eyebrow and no fear of the male gaze, they dance away, unleashing an eroticism that many didn't know they even had.

Bold dances, once considered the domain of sexy blondes and brunettes, are now being claimed by sari-clad bahus and shy software engineers. "This is just for myself, no one else," says a Malabar Hill housewife…"

'Fitness meets fantasy in pole dancing gym'- Mansi Choksi, TNN Jun 29, 2008,

Source: iTALK- Mid-Day

"…When the Pussycat Dolls begin to croon Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me... on the music system, you can't help but feel feline sensual. Shilpa Rane's cheerful go ahead to pick up our poles and "show me those moves" is enough to get us going. No annoyingly peppy chick calling out kicks, here, like at your average aerobics class. It's all about letting the languid moves, butt swirls, leg curls, wicked smiles herald the birth of the sexy kitten that's you…"

'Sweat and sex on the gym floor' - By: Shikha Shah Date: 2008-09-30




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